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January 27, 2021

Last Thursday, I attended the quarterly Gunn Memorial Library Board meeting on Zoom and discovered that the book budget for Gunn Memorial Library was $15,000.  The only library in NC that receives less funding than ours is Gibsonville!  Geez.  I think I spent that much on books for myself in undergraduate and graduate school.

Yes, our library has books, but we might consider replacing Jane Fonda’s Workout with The HIIT Workout (the newest exercise craze).  Books on politics and public policy also need updating. And what about books on regenerative farming, homesteading—the latter which has grown in popularity since the pandemic?  Those of us staying closer to home during Covid times are reading more than ever; any “extra” income is going to feeding our families and keeping a roof over our head.

Some folks think the library is closed, but that is far from the truth.  Gunn Memorial offers curbside service for books requested, as well as for faxing and copying requests. The children/teen librarians offer Online Storytime and craft kits. You can still do your research and even learn a new language with ebooks and NCLive.  Rhonda’s friendly staff will even locate books from other libraries for your Zoom Book Club!

As I have said at more than one public gathering: “The library is the hub of our community.”  Biden has talked about our fractured country uniting for a common goal.  The library UNITES all of us.  And it needs our help.  This week I have asked myself, “What can I do during these uncertain times?”

Of course, there are more pressing community concerns, but the library is no luxury, especially for many students right now. Over the past nine months, when driving by the library, I see folks in the library parking lot, sitting in their cars, using the library’s WIFI for work and school.  Gunn Memorial’s doors may be closed, but the staff is still working hard to provide services and resources for all Caswellites.

Plough Girls Association

My non-profit Plough Girls Association will be brewing and selling 40 quarts of Sausage-Kale-Sweet Potato Soup for a tax-deductible donation of 15. a quart.  Pick-up will be between 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. on March 4, Thursday.  It will be prepared by yours truly in my certified kitchen following Covid safety guidelines.

100 percent of your donation (and added donations) are tax deductible and will be earmarked for the purchase of books, including those that align with PGA’s mission, which focuses on farming and history.

PGA was founded back in 2007 under the name Yanceyvillage Preservation. During my restaurant years, YP held poker tournaments in order to bring in Va. Storyteller of the Year Megan Hicks, as well as renowned storyteller Sheila Kaye Adams for free community concerts.  After I left the restaurant, the non-profit went dormant, but in the last year, it is once again trying to make a difference in our community.

This past summer, we received a grant to create a Zoom “Growing and Cooking with Herb” Symposium and gave away plants and soups. One hundred people from as far away as San Antonio, Texas were in attendance.

We hope to continue our success with the fundraiser for Gunn Memorial.  If you would like to take part, visit for more information.

Perfect Snack for Reading.  Of course, there is chocolate and popcorn.  But for reading in bed, I prefer red grapes.

That said, I want to share with you a healthy and delicious recipe is too good to be true. It all begins with a frozen banana. When my bananas get ripe, I slice them into small pieces, lay them in one layer in a ziplock, and freeze them.  Then, in my small food processor, I place about 1 1/2 bananas and process them as smoothly as possible.  Next, I add a TB of peanut butter or some malt or maybe a spoon of Nutella, and process it again for a few seconds.  Finally, I add just a little milk (usually almond milk) and process it until it is at the desired smoothness.

When I am feeling less fancy, I just process the banana with a little milk.  It gives me that creaminess that we anxiety-eaters love!

Lucindy retired from NCSU to open the Yancey House Restaurant (2005-2011).  She now teacher culinary classes at your cabin on Farmer Lake. For more information about classes or to sign up for the newsletter, visit 

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