Plough Girls CSA Soup:  The Autumn Edition

The 2020 Autumn, Holiday, and Winter Soup CSA’s were great successes. A humongous thank you to all who participated.  This year’s Autumn CSA will begin Thursday, October 7 and run for four weeks, ending October 28.

If you are interested in gifting a Danville or Yanceyville area friend or family member a subscription to the Autumn CSA as a Covid Survival Kit, simply create a card for them and then contact me and let me know their name, phone number, and where they will be picking up the soup (Danville or Yanceyville) and other information and mail in your payment.

Last year’s CSAs got up to 45 quarts.  This fall, however, I am limiting it to 35 quarts, so it will be first come–first serve.  I am hoping to keep the 2021 soups at 2020 prices.

Autumn CSA:

Week 1: October 7, 2021.  South of the Border Chicken Soup 
Add on:  Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake

Week 2:  October 14, 2021. Butternut Squash, Kale, White Bean Soup
Add on:   Vanilla Sheet Cake with Buttercream Icing

Week 3: October 21, 2021. Ham, Bean, and Greens Soup 
Add on: Burr Bar Brownies

Week 4: October 28, 2021.  Vampire Slayer Ramen Noodle Soup (with garlic and spinach)
Add on: Carrot Cake

Single Quart (4 weeks) 60.
Two quarts (4 weeks) 100.
Add-on Dessert (2 pieces) (4 weeks) 30.

Single quart each week & add-on dessert (for 2) 90.

Two quarts weekly and double desserts: 160.

Home delivery (within 8 miles of pick-up location) 5. per week
Home delivery (outside 8 miles): Let’s talk

The Plough Girls Association February Soup CSA will run for 4 weeks beginning February 4.  Here is how it works.  Individuals will subscribe to have a quart of my delicious homemade seasonal soup (with the option of an add-on dessert) delivered each week to a designated pick-up location.  

At this point, one pick-up location will be at the Caswell Farmer’s Market at 4 p.m.  parking lot in Yanceyville and another will be at the Food Lion (Southwyke) parking lot in Danville, VA at 10 a.m..  If a group wants to get together and order soups, we can arrange other drop-off points.  If you are within 8 miles of one of the designated locations, I can drop off the soup at your home for $5 per delivery..

Q & A

If you are unable to find the answer to your question, email me and we will figure it out together. We survived 2020; we can certainly handle soup issues!

What is a CSA?  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. According to its original design, it allows consumers to buy food directly from a farm. You sign up at the beginning of the growing season and receive a weekly load of fresh produce.  However, my “crops” are home-made soups and desserts that I served at the Yancey House Restaurant (and culinary classes).

Can you talk to me about your safe food practices?  During my restaurant days, I attended the Safe Serve classes.  Yancey House had a 102% rating from opening day.  Plough Girl soups and desserts are prepared in my NC Certified kitchen by me (Chef Lucindy) who will be wearing a mask and gloves (until the Governor deems it unnecessary).  In addition, I will brew the soups a few days before delivery so I can freeze them.  This way, I won’t have to worry if you decide to run a few errands before heading home.

What if I want more than one quart a week?  I’m considering having one for dinner and storing the other in the freezer. Great idea.  You can sign up for two quarts (or more) a week and receive a small discount.  However, if you have signed up for 1 quart but want to add an extra quart one week (for example, maybe for a Valentine or Mardi Gras gift, just let me know five days before the delivery dates so I can plan accordingly. The second quart would be the same price as the first quart.

In addition, if you do not like one of the soups I have listed, I am happy to skip that week and then “double” up on another soup choice.  For example, you might not want the gumbo.  In that case, you could choose to get two quarts of butternut squash soup. 

If I sign up with a group of people, can you do a drop-off at another designated location, even if it is in Chapel Hill or Greensboro? Probably so.  Just email me and I will do my best to accommodate you and your group. Depending on the number, you might still be charged a delivery fee.  We can talk about it.

Why are you doing this?  I have asked myself this very question! Even in quarantine and being able to hold only private cooking classes,  I have tried to stay in touch with local farmers, Ag Extension, the PCC Agriculture program, and Women in Agriculture.  Still, I feel a disconnect, so consider this little experiment as an attempt to continue to foster community, make connections, and inspire gratitude for all we have here in Caswell. 

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